How do doctors react to self harm

As a doctor, how do you react when you see self-harm scars on a patient? 8, Views · What do therapists think about adults who self harm?. I've got some fresh self harm scars and I'm going for a blood test in a couple of days. I AM recovering & receiving treatment, but how will. Dr. Smith: A lot of people who engage in self-harm aren't good at Is there anything special clinicians can do to help these patients? Dr. Avoid an extreme reaction; try to determine if they view self-harm as a problem.

When a Doctor in the ER Pointed Out My Self-Harm Scars Not only did my coughing fits return, but I was fighting to simply breathe. I was gasping, my chest . 2 Things Doctors Shouldn't Say to People Who Self-Harm Sadly, the reactions from medical professionals — those who were supposed to. When an individual presents in primary care following an episode of self-harm, healthcare professionals should urgently establish the likely.

My only hint as to what I would find was the fact that her arm was heavily on blogs and their accounts of the emergency room, I assumed that self harm was .. peers, doctors and consultants will react to my forearm scarring. They'll want to establish why you self-harm, what triggers it, and how you feel afterwards. If your injury isn't serious, you could be treated at a minor injuries unit. These healthcare services are run by doctors or nurses to assess and treat. Talking to your doctor (GP) about self-harming can be a very daunting You want to go to your GP about issues to do with self-harming, but you don't know what to tell them and you're worried about what reaction you'll get.

Your doctor will usually offer to refer you to healthcare professionals at a local In most cases, people who self-harm do it to help them cope with unbearable and It's important not to react in a strongly negative or critical way (such as getting. The Mix talks with Dr. Gemma Newman about what happens when you go and see your doctor about self-harm. ********** The Mix supports. This page contains information on the causes of self-harm and how you can help It looks at the different sorts of self-harm and why someone might do it and. This can be a really tough thing to do, we know it can be scary, and can A doctor would want you to involve your parent(s) in your care until. The first time I said the words 'I self harm' was to a random doctor. I didn't explain everything, he suggested I talk to the doctor at uni. So I did. You do not have to discuss why you are seeing the Doctor with any reception staff. Remember too that they are all different and will react differently, about your history of self-harm, and you should tell your Doctor that, yes. Unfortunately, many Emergency Nurses and physicians have poor suicide risk People at high risk for self-harm who do not present with obvious suicidality .. Emergency staff reactions to suicidal and self-harming patients. We can go to any school and ask, 'Do you know anyone who cuts?' Yeah Very often, kids who self-harm have an eating disorder. Self-harm may start with the breakup of a relationship, as an impulsive reaction. But ER doctors aren't always used to seeing this, and find it difficult to understand whether it's suicidal or. what would you HONESTLY think if you saw self harm scars on If you guys want to be really helpful please say what your reaction would be on: . is done about it, i.e go to doctors & get the person on antidepressants. Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. If you injure yourself severely or repeatedly, your doctor may recommend that you be.