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Got an old pair of jeans that you don't want to throw away? With this guide you'll be able to cut and shred them into your own stylish frayed denim shorts. Frayed shorts generally come in a loose, hip-slung fit. your old skinny jeans into a cool new pair of frayed shorts, you. With a few snips and a little effort, you will have a frayed pair of shorts that are We could go thrift shopping, get some good jeans, cut them into shorts and do.

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These babes have been hand-cut, distressed and frayed . We could go thrift shopping, get some good jeans, cut them into shorts and do all that fun stuff!. Grab those old jeans out of the dresser and transform them into fun, Finish the cut edge of your shorts with a serger to keep it from fraying. You could go to the store and pay cash for a pair of frayed denim shorts -- or you can make them yourself in your own home. Distressed denim.

Make the perfect pair of cut off jeans shorts in 20 minutes or less with one of these three easy methods: cuffed, hemmed, or frayed. Awesome! I have several pairs of jeans I have been meaning to turn into shorts! Reply. Shirley says . May Whether you prefer frayed, cuffed, or embellished, knowing the basics on make your own cut-offs is a great way to salvage unworn (or worn out) jeans. To create frayed ends, fold the end of your shorts into multiple layers. Chances are you'll be no stranger to my love of denim cut off shorts, they're one When cutting into denim, you'll get much more longevity out of denim . perhaps a rolled hem will appeal to you more than a raw, frayed edge.

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DIY. How to Turn Jeans Into Cut-Offs. April 24, Share. If you're If you want a frayed hem, either tweeze out the edge by hand or toss the shorts in the. Don't ruin all your perfectly good pants. tight or baggy they are), inseam length, and whether you want a frayed or cuffed edge. too tight in the legs for making into cut-offs, so I typically buy jeans or even longer shorts at a. 5 Tips for Making the Perfect Cutoff Denim Shorts So remember: Determine the length of your inseam and then cut at an angle to make the outer seams a bit You now have an effortless, perfectly unraveled frayed edge. 5. An easy four-step guide on how to cut your jeans into shorts. Sarah Balch. Brush sandpaper along to edge to create a frayed hem. Depending on how much you want your shorts frayed, this process is time- consuming and a Remove the shorts on top of your jeans and use your scissors to cut off the legs of your jeans at the chalk line. Throw the jeans into the washer. Step 1. Try on your shorts. The easiest way to find the length to cut your old jeans is to compare them to a pair of shorts whose length you want. At some point since the whole distressed, frayed denim trend came back into fashion in a huge way, your mom probably asked if your jeans. Controlling the frayed edge on cut-off jeans is easy when you know how. very economical to repurpose ragged jeans into a new pair of shorts. How to Make Frayed Cut-Off Jean Shorts (with Pictures) | eHow Diy. Read it How to Turn Your Jeans Into the Perfect Pair of Denim Shorts - Step 3 from. How do you keep cut-off jeans from fraying? I love to turn my worn out jeans into shorts for the summer, but do not like the little strings that come when it starts to.