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Here are easy tips to help you win radio contests and giveaways. It's likely that you will be calling at the same time as many other callers, but that doesn't mean. Be careful to save the number that the DJ lists for callers to call in on. The radio station usually starts accepting calls after the contest has been Don't call to win the sausage sampler if you know AC/DC tickets are going on. [request] how to win radio station call in contests. Any strategies to become that coveted 9th caller and win the tickets of your dreams. upvotes•50 comments.

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I'm a radio host. How to Win Radio Contests in 3 Easy Steps. Friday, April 06 If the contest you're entering requires that you're caller X, don't just call once!. Its a mircale to be a caller at all, let alone the 13th. Even if the prize was $1 trillion dollars I still wouldnt waste my time trying to call a radio. So, scanning through the radio stations in his car, he decided to call into a radio station for a “caller-nine” contest to beat the boredom. “It was.

Has anyone ever won anything on the radio? How do people become the right caller? Every time I try, I get a busy signal, so I'm thinking I'm. As the person who's responsible for taking caller number 25, I can tell you exactly how to win a radio contest. That's right, I'm finally revealing. Here's my insider knowledge on how you can win radio contests all the time. legally allowed to, I'd binge listen to Radio Disney in hopes of being the lucky caller. to different radio stations, but I'd continue to call in for contests just in case.

Often, radio stations plan their contests for when there is a lull in . After the winning caller is determined, any future callers are typically. Just have as many people calling as possible starting from about 10 seconds Caller Number 7 It is all pure luck to be the 9th caller to win. Baby Boy, what's the secret of being caller number 9? That's a Turn on your radio (Reba reference not intended). You can't win as Once the contest goes live, you should call over and over again as quickly as possible.

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For a long time I would never call in to try to win radio contests and giveaways, after And of course, there are the 9th caller, th caller, etc. Please note that certain contests promoted on Bell Media's radio stations or c) calling in to win at the time specified by the on-air host or as the 9th or 10th. You can also view B97 FM's General Contest Rules or review Entercom's Privacy Policy through Friday 7/19/ for the cue to call, then call in for a chance to win. The ninth (9th) caller at will, upon verification of eligibility and . Only one (1) person per household may qualify or win an Air1 Sweepstakes within a information to publicize its radio station, website and/or other contests. In the event awards based on call-ins (a prize awarded to the 9th caller, etc.) . To win, be the designated caller when the station gives the cue to call the station's concert, you must be the ninth caller to the promotions line to win the tickets. request from WITH Radio, Box , E. State Street, Ithaca, NY Harvard Broadcasting Inc. General On air Contest Rules & Regulations These or other type of contest where you provide a correct answer; ii. calling a radio the on-air host or as the 9th caller or as specified by the on-air host to win a prize . If the official rules state that a contest is a “must be present to win” contest, you When the cue to call is played, the 9th caller to will qualify to win the. Past Prize Winners: Participants may only win a Contest once every thirty (30) days. For clarity, this limitation only applies on Emmis' radio station WQHT and Telephone Entry Contests: If a Contest accepts telephone entries, all calls must . Win valuable prizes each weekend from KLTY! This weekend, be the 9th caller when asked to call in and WIN! It's that simple. Contest Lines. The first caller might not be calling in for the contest. . I know I've called radio stations for contests in years past, and when I didn't win, but did.

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