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Top definition. copped offunknown. Is when you are out somewhere and you kiss someone.. Oh My God I copped off with fred last night!. Back. Loading Top definition. cop offunknown nice, did you cop off Yea, but only once I copped off with 10 blokes last night. by Tracey September Define copped off. copped off synonyms, copped off pronunciation, copped off translation, Also: cop it to suffer (a punishment): you'll cop a clout if you do that!.

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The slang word / phrase / acronym cop off with means . Online Slang e.g. John copped off with Fiona at the office party. Last edited on Mar. cop off definition: to begin a sexual relationship with someone. Learn more. Meaning of cop off in English She copped off with him at a party. A lot of people . Cop off with definition is - to have sexual intercourse with (someone). How to use cop off to have sexual intercourse with (someone) He copped off with one of the girls at the party. What does 'poke' refer to in the expression 'pig in a poke'?.

to meet someone and start a sexual relationship with them. Synonyms and related words. To start a romantic or sexual relationship:ask out, flirt, chat up. cop off (third-person singular simple present cops off, present participle copping off, simple past and past participle copped off). (intransitive, slang) to leave. Big banks have copped to heinous crimes that have cost citizens billions of dollars. Why Do Banks Get Away With Murder?|Daniel Gross|February 7.

Back. Loading Top definition. copping offunknown a.k.a copping off, snogging, making out Get a copping off mug for your friend James. buy the domain for. Back . Copped it - to be caught or be in trouble, recorded from It's not surprising that the term would have emerged around that time, when the Cop had a resurgence then too, with 'cop off with', meaning - to establish a sexual relationship. copped off meaning, definition, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'cropped', copper' pop off. exp. telling someone to fight you.do sth! [Slang]. wave off. v.

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In your context, you could say Player A copped a knock on the head. Interestingly, you I copped myself a bottle of champagne in the raffle. Copped definition: → cop 1 (sense 4), cop 1 (sense 5), cop 1 (sense 6), cop 1 (sense 7), cop 1 | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. To my astonishment, OED does not have the phrase. It does have What does copped a serve mean and what is the origin of the expression? . What's the origin of the phrase off the schneid and what does it mean?. cop-out definition: The definition of a cop out is a poor excuse for not doing something. Slang the act or an instance of copping out, as by confessing, reneging. did he have firm buttocks? don't know why I asked that, of COURSE he did . Now does 'copping off' mean still just mean snogging, or has the meaning. Loading Top definition. copped offunknown Oh My God I copped off with fred last night! Get a copped off mug for your buddy Georges. buy the. cop meaning, definition, what is cop: a police officer: Learn more. British English to receive something, especially something that you do not want I copped all the blame Perhaps from Dutch kapen “to steal”, from Frisian kapia “to take away”. EN. 40 ex. This verb can also mean the following: leave, leave school early copped off. you. copped off. it/she/he. copped would cop off. you. would cop off. And Newson did tell her, not about his doubts, but about his triumph. 'You mean you copped off with the best-looking girl at the class reunion?” 'Yes, I did, and. Copped. Copped \Copped\, a. [From Cop.] Rising to a point or head; conical; had copped it, and once he went over the side the bad luck would be off the ship.