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Solved: My daughter never set up her voicemail when we got her phone. Now when I try to go through the steps to set up her voicemail we can't. *I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily . how do I know what my mailbox number is?. When I'm in Phone and I click voicemail, it calls a voicemail system and asks me to input my Voice Mailbox Number (No idea what that is, tried.

how do you know what your mailbox number is?

How do I access my voicemail messages away from home, within the U.S. and Can I retrieve my messages by dialing the toll-free number if the telephone line. If you call the toll-free voice mail access number from your AT&T phone, the carrier's voice mail system will read the mailbox number from the phone's caller ID. I've been trying to set up my voicemail. I had the same problem when I purchased my eczkye.me call att and have them setup up or add the.

For example, if my phone number was –– I could just dial –– and get dropped into the voicemail system. Not sure if. All AT&T cellphones come with free basic voice mail, a service that records messages for Don't use your phone number, address or birthday as the password. I have tried to set up my voicemail on my iPhone4s and it continuously asks for a mailbox number. I have tried everything from to my.

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AT&T wireline (home or business telephone number) and wireless numbers are not for the same .. This mailbox will not accept any messages in my absence. When I press *86 to setup my wife's VM, I don't get the same setup After I press # it again asks for the mailbox number. Join Date: Nov ; Posts: 3,; Device(s): Samsung TG; Carrier(s): AT&T (Tracfone / Net10). I have switched from the iphone 4s to the iphone 6. on my iphone 4s my was setup and working just fine. now when i press the voicemail. donAs the title says, I can not setup my voicemail. It prompts me to hit pound and enter in my number or to enter in a ten digit Alright, so the tech support guy literally told me to call AT&T because I transferred from them. Learn how to turn off voicemail on your smartphone using a carrier code, Android settings, or an Android app on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Call your number from another phone to verify it worked; if your voicemail picks up, you'll have to try Can I Use My Smartphone When Traveling to Another Country?. AT&T Visual Voicemail allows you to review and manage your voicemail directly from your smartphone eliminating the need to dial into your mailbox. Mailbox number (home phone number) Setting up your AT&T home telephone voice mail is fairly easy to do if you have the directions, and. You can also access your voicemail when you're away from home by dialing your home number and pressing “*” to skip the voice mail greeting and then. How To Reset Your iPhone Voicemail Password on AT&T Make sure you enter your full digit phone number, including the area code. From here, you should see an entry labeled My phone number or something similar Try calling () (AT&T home phones only.).